May 21, 2007
KOBELCO topic appeared in the "Japan SPOTLIGHT" magazine.

The Journal of Japanese Trade & Industry has been renamed the Economy, Culture & History JAPAN SPOTLIGHT BIMONTHLY.


The Journal was launched in 1982 to help bridge the information gap between Japan and the rest of the world. This bimonthly publication was the source of in-depth, analytical, historical and cultural information on Japan’s trade, business, economic issues, current events, legislation and politics. It combined official views of Japan with a wealth of features by distinguished writers from Japan and other countries.
Journal Taking over from the Journal, JAPAN SPOTLIGHT will cover not only economy, industry and trade, but also international politics, history, culture and topics that would fit to our aim and interests of our readers to create the deeper understanding of Japan and the world.
Our distinguished writers include business executives, government officials, university professors, specialist researchers, and leading journalists. The JAPAN SPOTLIGHT showcases the thinking of some of the world’s leading experts on issues involving Japan and other countries.
Japan Economic Foundation(JEF)Japan SPOTLIGHT (By JEF)